Who We Are

The Livelihoods Funds are impact investment funds designed to support the efforts of agricultural and rural communities to live in sustainable ecosystems which serve as the foundation for their food security and provide the necessary resources for their livelihoods.

Livelihoods Funds invest in large-scale projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America to empower smallholder farmers and rural communities, restore ecosystems and contribute to climate action, and create value across agricultural supply chains. Livelihoods acts as a platform providing the means to restore or preserve ecosystems that are degraded or threatened by mobilizing innovative investment vehicles for environmental goods and services, sustainable agriculture markets and carbon offset mechanisms.

Our Social Business: Livelihoods Venture

The Livelihoods Funds (both LCF & L3F) are advised by Livelihoods Venture, our social business based in Paris. Livelihoods Venture has the responsibility to identify, design and accompany Livelihoods projects that are implemented by our local project developers, which most of the time are well-established local NGOs and have been working closely with rural communities and empower them to be the positive drivers of change.


Why Livelihoods?

Livelihoods was born out of the realization that the fight against climate change and the preservation of natural resources is inseparable from the fight for dignity, led by the men and women whose livelihoods depend on and live off the land they cultivate.

Livelihoods was created with the conviction that the transition towards resilient businesses, communities and ecosystems cannot be achieved by one business alone. Instead, coalitions involving local communities, private and public actors can enable us to achieve the necessary and urgent transformations for a more resilient world.

Livelihoods is also based on the conviction that no transformational change can succeed without a shared responsibility and a strong involvement of both the rural communities we work with and our investors.

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Join Forces For Impact At Scale

Livelihoods is a link between economic actors and institutions that act decisively for the environment through actions with long-term ecological, economic, and social impact on the one hand, and the communities for whom these actions are vital, on the other hand.

The Livelihoods Funds are supported by private companies who are committed to generate positive impact by offsetting their unavoidable carbon emissions and transforming their supply chains through sustainable and transparent agricultural models. All Livelihoods investors work together to share business knowledge, investment risks for project implementation and maintenance during the whole duration of our projects: 10 to 20 years.

The companies that support Livelihoods Funds are committed to drive social, environmental and economic impact: beyond financing, they provide their expertise, are involved in the decision making of Livelihoods Funds governance. They are fully involved and close to the project developers, farmers, and local communities in the geographies where we operate: Asia, Africa, Latin America.

Our investors

Our Partners

When addressing global challenges, no single institution can come up with solutions on its own. We build coalitions with public institutions, NGOs, experts and rural communities to co-create and implement impactful solutions that create value for all parties involved.