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The mission of the Livelihoods Funds is to support the efforts of agricultural and rural communities to restore the natural ecosystems that are the foundations of their livelihoods, food security and income.

Who are we

A coalition of actors joining forces to build resilience at scale

Climate change, food security, biodiversity and people are all interrelated. Paving the way towards environmental, economic, and social resilience cannot be achieved by one business alone.

The Livelihoods Funds bring together a coalition of actors who join forces to restore degraded natural ecosystems, build sustainable supply chains and improve the livelihoods of millions of rural communities who are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. 

Our Charter & Principles of Action

What we do

We invest in large-scale projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to:

empower smallholder farmers and rural communities with sustainable land practices, improved food security and income

restore degraded natural ecosystems and contribute to climate action

create value across sustainable agricultural supply chains

Want to learn more about us?


“THE HANDS RESTORING THE EARTH” is the unprecedented book telling the story of a collective, committed and singular adventure: the story of Livelihoods Investment Funds, which unite private companies committed to combat global warming and rural communities, who act daily on the ground, to restore natural ecosystems, reinvent an agricultural model respectful of the living world and provide for these communities’ vital needs.

Written by Bernard Giraud, Co-Founder and President of the Livelihoods Funds, this book is a testimony of the experience, the successes but also the challenges of an alliance committed to reconcile man with nature. 

Our Impact Investment Funds

The Livelihoods Carbon Funds

Leverage the carbon economy to finance ecosystem restoration, agroforestry, and rural energy projects with tangible social, environmental, and economic added value for rural communities.

The Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming

Empower smallholder farmers with sustainable agricultural practices, improved yield, and income thanks to the transformation of our investors supply chains and the commitment of key partners from the private and public sectors.

Our Levers For Action

Contribute to slowing climate change through CO2 capture and emissions avoidance.

Improve the livelihoods of communities and enable them to adapt to climate change.

Restore and protect natural ecosystems with high carbon potential.

Transform business value chains through sustainable agricultural practices.

Preserve biodiversity & water resources which are the foundations of environmental, social and business resilience.

The Livelihoods Funds projects

Our Current investors