Araku Livelihoods Network Camp 2012: The end…for a new beginning!

Day 3. The proposals

araku valley, livelihoods network campThe last working day of the Livelihoods Network Camp was largely devoted to finalizing proposals for each group for the final presentation in plenary. This restitution was far from simple and linear. Songs, role plays: groups have demonstrated imagination, “Challenged” by volunteers from other groups. Proposals has been made for solutions that meet the needs and supporting the extraordinary work being done already by Naandi teams. It was also necessary that these solutions can be duplicated on other projects. The reports of the working groups will be available on the interactive platform of the growing Livelihoods Network.


Groups creativity was remarquable, here “Fruits of hard work” group – Access to market

After nearly three hours of fruitful discussions, each member of the Livelihoods Network board has shared his “dreams” and his vision for the future. Then the time was to words of thanks, to testimonials and it is in an outpouring of intense emotion that the plenary ended at the same time as the storm that was broke out in the sky. To give way to the festivities, including hot adivasis dances…– local tribe in the Araku valley-

This completes the second edition of the Livelihoods Network Camp which attended by 138 participants representing 60 different organizations from 21 countries.


Participants shared together, went to meet welcoming Adivasi people – Indian marginalized tribe – and work together to design possible solutions to improve their living conditions in the following areas:

  • Carbon is diamond / Monitoring a carbon projec
  • Fruits of hard work / Access to market
  • My place in the sun / Access to household energy
  • From Agri-knowledge to Agri-culture / Improve farmers’ capacities
  • Where is my piggy bank? / Finance rural communities
  • Who moved my cheese ? / Nutrition

The outcome was positive for all these expert and projects developers from all over the world… We would like to share these words coming from some participants, to name just a few.

“Thank you very much for your organisation of the camp I had a wonderful time, working and sharing, you can tell I am sure from how much dancing I put in” said Habiba Ahmed Ali de SOSAI Renewable Energies Company, from Nigeria.

“I will remain grateful to the leadership team of the Livelihoods Fund, for the choice to work with us, I lived extraordinary things, I met a marginal people who can compare to mine in Burkina Faso, I met holders of outstanding projects, I am proud to belong to this Network now” Ini Damien, Association for the Advancement of Women of Gaoua (APFG) – Burkina Faso 

 Thomas André from Schneider Electric France has shared his thoughts with us


Dancing presentation of the “From agri-knowledge to Agri-Cuture” group – Improve farmer’s capacities


The Livelihoods Network’s board.

Chris Marais from Leadership for conservation in Africa (LCA) – Republic of South Africa –  has shared these words with Naandi et Livelihoods teams at the end the Camp.

‘This is just a short note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible effort you guys have put into creating something much bigger than a camp! Your efforts brought hope, understanding, respect for life and all people at all levels – it created a sense of belonging and through your efforts the philosophies of many became a practical reality and a spiritual journey, which will culminate into life and livelihood for many!  I thank you sincerely.’


The Livelihoods Network Camp 2012 Family!

To be continued…

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