Improving the lives of 120,000 women & their families with simple technologies

In Latin America, Africa and Asia, noxious smokes from traditional cookstoves kill more than 4 million people each year. They deteriorate the health of entire families, starting with children, by affecting their lungs, eyes and growth[1]. Yet, enhanced cookstoves that ensure better wood combustion and generate less smokes exist. The real challenge is not to find the most adapted technology for each region but to make it affordable to the largest possible number of villagers.

120,000 women and their families in Burkina-Faso, Kenya and Peru have access to efficient cookstoves thanks to the incredible work of our NGO partners, tiipaalga, Climate Pal and ITYF, on the ground. Livelihoods Funds, impact investment funds, provide the NGOs with upfront financing for the implementation of large-scale projects that improve the lives of the most vulnerable communities while contributing to preserve the environment.

The journey goes on as Livelihoods Funds will invest in new projects to give more women access to simple technologies that improve their daily lives as from this year.

Burkina Faso

Training, not aid! With tiipaalga, a local NGO, women learn how to build efficient cookstoves from free raw material


Discover how women living in isolated villages in the Andes have access to efficient cookstoves with the support of Peruvian NGO ITYF


See how Janet’s life has changed with her Hifadhi cooksove, which consumes 60% less wood, and the support of Climate Pal, our local partner.