Livelihoods is looking for a new agroforestry project! Proposals welcome!


Livelihoods is looking for a new project! We welcome your organisation to participate in our selection process for a best-in-class project to be decided upon and launched before the end of 2014.

As with all Livelihoods investments, this new project must meet the following criteria to receive full consideration:

1/ A large-scale community project with small farmers that brings tangible and sustainable social and environmental benefits

2/ Implemented by the local community with the support of a local NGO

3/ Be an existing or potential carbon-eligible project

4/ Geographic location: Africa, Asia or Latin America

Please find attached a Terms of Reference titled “Livelihoods Submission of a project idea note Agroforestry 2014” that will guide you in terms of the format we expect. Livelihoods_Submission_of_a_project_idea.pdf

All proposals should be sent as soon as possible and before May 30 at the latest to:
AgroforestryProposals.pngJean-Pierre Rennaud
Director of Operations Livelihoods Venture