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LIVELIHOODS spring issue

Livelihoods Network By Bernard Giraud
Interview of Alice Rouault-Reillon
Meet the members
Tribute to Kallam Anji Reddy
Protecting mangrove plantations to ensure the future of the communities
Senegal : when mangrove planters start 

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While working with the Livelihoods Fund on large-scale projects including agroforestry, restoring mangrove plantations or rural energy, we were lucky enough to meet extraordinary actors on a daily basis, who each develop operational solutions in their countries and organizations. The very idea of creating the Livelihoods Network was born from these meetings and simple questions such as ‘how can we strengthen these projects overtime, can we evolve towards a larger scale and accelerate the innovation process by creating connections between protagonists, between scientific and in-the-field knowledge?’.

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Interview of Alice Rouault-Reillon, coordinator for Livelihoods Networks

Alice Rouault-Reillon

Hi Alice, could you tell us about your career path as well as your role today within Livelihoods Networks?

I have been the coordinator for Livelihoods Networks ever since July 2012. I studied to be an engineer specialized in tropical agronomy and rural development and it led me to work for a coffee-growing cooperative in Rwanda that was certified fair-trade, with organic cocoa producers in Venezuela and for the sustainability of forests planted in Congo.  Through my experiences of working with coffee and cocoa producers, I was quickly confronted with the issue of agroforestry. My work with various associations gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with the dynamics of networks. After all it is not by accident that I was appointed coordinator within Livelihoods Networks.
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Meet the Livelihoods Network members

David Hogg

Livelihoods Network Members

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