Livelihoods one year after!

LOGO_LIVELIHOODS_BD.jpgThe particularity of Livelihoods is to combines three different types of organizations: companies, NGOs and international institutions. These entities work together in an original form of shared governance and are all represented on an Advisory Board. 

The opportunity was given to the Livelihoods advisory board to meet in June 26th in Paris to take stock of the progress of projects, investors’ expectations, goals for the coming months and how to meet the challenges of our ambition. One year after the Livelihoods Fund, board discussions were focused on three main issues:


  • Replication of large scale projects for greatest social and environmental impact: Livelihoods managed to conduct large-scale projects: What were the main key success factors and how to go further?
  • The development of sustainable projects: Once communities have completed the planting seasons, how to turn these efforts into a sustainable model? How to create an economic value? how to encourage and develop the local economy of these areas to create new income for the people.
  • Working to greater collaboration between experts and NGOs for greater efficiency in the field

These discussions have been conducted in the presence of personalities like Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General, Luc Guyau, Chairman of the Orientation Council of FAO, Franck Riboud Chairman and CEO of Danone, and a dozen CEOs of partner companies Fund and representatives of international institutions, all members of the Advisory board.

The ambition of Livelihoods remains the same: ‘the fight against poverty and climate change by supporting the work of rural communities to save their environment and ensure food security.’ None of this can be possible without the ongoing commitment of local people and the commitment of companies willing to invest in an innovative and high environmental and social impact program. 

The opportunity was given in 2 hours to journalists and bloggers interested in the Livelihoods approach, to discover this business model and better understand by speaking with the project leaders and representatives of partner companies. 

The Parisian friends of Livelihoods did not want to miss the opportunity to interact with project leaders from India and Senegal. At 6.30pm, on June 26th, about 200 people gathered at the headquarters of LCL, from Crédit Agricole, Livelihoods partner, to celebrate together Livelihoods projects and better understand the motivations of the partner companies. We were pleased and grateful to share these moments with all. 

Find here some narrative pictures of this anniversary in Paris (France).