Livelihoods: welcome to the Livelihoods Network Camp!

DSC_0164.JPGMoments of excitement at l’Usine in Saint-Denis -France- on 4 and 5 July, 2011. And for good reason: the official launch of the Livelihoods Fund. They are about 200 people from fifteen different countries were left. The objectives were defined: to know each other, to propose some areas of work, to think and organize work in community.

It is around these basic issues that workshops have trained on Monday afternoon to work according to predefined themes. Monday morning was devoted to a marketplace full of exchanges. NGOs, institutions, companies had the opportunity to present and explore projects. All the actors were able to appreciate the extent of work already begun by Danone, then  Livelihoods. It was also an opportunity to finally put faces on names in a friendly atmosphere …

Livelihoods, Livelihoods network camp

On tuesday, up to the organization of the networking. Three models of successful management of online communities have been presented and have stimulated and motivated the participants about the effectiveness of participatory work.

Livelihoods Network: Here we go!

The network has indeed been launched at the Livelihoods Network Camp (LNC)! The participants – NGOs, companies, institutions, etc – expressed the explicit desire to work together on common issues related to innovative aspects of the protection of the environment.

Livelihoods network camp

The principles of the «Network» association were presented by Bernard Giraud, president of Livelihoods-Venture and a working session was subsequently held with the volunteers of the future office “Livelihoods Network.”

In addition, an interactive and participatory platform is about to be launched. Registered participants will share ideas, ask questions to experts, share experiences and documents. They are both initiators and contributors to the work begun during the Livelihoods Network Camp and others suggested subjects.

Livelihoods network Camp, livelihoods

It is full of good resolutions and satisfied exchanges that the new members of the Livelihoods Network left L’Usine at Saint-Denis – France – with the resolution to really start the networking.