Something special is happening in Araku !

Day 1. Knowing each other, October 8

araku valley, livelihoods network campIt is in a relaxed and serious way at the same time as the start of the Livelihoods Network Camp was given. Reunion between the “old” participants to the Livelihoods Network Camp last year and integration of all newcomers to the “network”, the atmosphere was good fun.

Each other are now aware of the activities – during a market place –  and… physical abilities – Volley ball tournament –  of some on the ground! Yesterday was also an opportunity for participants to begin in a playful context, a useful work of networking: find the right person with whom to exchange, share with, who could get the most throughout camp…

Araku, LNC 042.JPG

Welcome word by Manoj Kumar – CEO Naandi Foundation

Araku, LNC 039.JPG

Forest Festival with campers and farmers


Incredibles talents of the “campers” during the volley ball tournament

Araku, LNC 062.JPG

Each participant has planted “his” tree

More to come, in pictures… Keep connected !