A coordinator for Livelihoods Network

Alice.jpgAlice Rouault-Reillon, has joined the team Livelihoods where she will be responsible for coordinating the Livelihoods Network. Graduated from the ISTOM, Alice has more experience on projects related to forest plantations and agroforestry, for example on sustainable management of planted forests in Congo Brazzaville, FairTrade certification of a cooperative of small producers of specialty coffee in Rwanda, or the organization of cocoa producers in Venezuela.

She will soon join India to work with Naandi Foundation teams in organizing the Livelihoods Camp, help bringing together one hundred members of the network in October 8-9-10 in the Araku Valley. Then, Alice will be based in Nairobi, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Livelihoods partner. From Nairobi, Alice will aim to strengthen the skills of members of the Livelihoods Network and provide support to projects through the development of tools for sharing knowledge and innovation diffusion.

Contact Alice arouault@livelihoods.eu

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