A new partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Danone announce they are joining forces with Livelihoods Funds and the Danone Ecosystem Fund to develop disruptive business solutions that boost economic growth in the Latin America and Caribbean region. The four organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding with a 2020 horizon.

The three-year global strategic partnership will promote sustainable, inclusive development initiatives in the region harnessing Danone’s value chain as well as with implementing partners, Livelihoods Funds and the Danone Ecosystem Fund, while also empowering local communities, and protecting the environment.
The scope of the partnership is broad and ambitious, with five key areas for cooperation:

  • Fostering Sustainable Agriculture
  • Supporting Inclusive Recycling
  • Protecting watersheds
  • Increasing clean water access
  • Driving Co2 reduction

During the first phase of the global partnership, the IDB and Danone will look to strengthen and scale projects currently being implemented or designed by Livelihoods Funds and the Danone Ecosystem Fund in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno said: “I’m so pleased we’re establishing this global strategic partnership with Danone to promote sustainable and inclusive development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our hope is that more French companies, including those in Danone’s value chain, will be inspired to get involved in development projects in any emerging or frontier markets where they operate.”

Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber said: “At Danone, we believe private and public sector collaboration is central to fostering sustainable development, reducing social inequalities, and protecting the environment. As a major global company operating in the Latin America region, we are committed to playing a part in its economic development. This partnership is another example of how we are bringing the Alimentation Revolution to life; co-creating innovative business models that not only benefit Danone but also protect the planet and support healthier eating and drinking practices.”

Pascal De Petrini, President of Danone Ecosystem Fund said: “The Danone Ecosystem Fund is committed to finding concrete solutions that boost growth, empower communities and protect the environment. Working with IDB has already helped us expand our reach in Argentina and Brazil. This new global partnership will be a game-changer, enabling us to expand our presence and impact across the region.”

Bernard Giraud, President of Livelihoods Venture said: “As an investment fund supported by private companies, we believe that scale and impact are key for climate action and poverty reduction. We need more result-driven coalitions to develop efficient solutions over time in sustainable farming, watershed preservation and ecosystem restoration. This partnership with IDB is therefore a great opportunity to accelerate the development of large-scale projects delivering value for people, creating public goods and contributing to business sustainability at the same time.”

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