Free medecines in the Sundarbans (India)

sundarbans, livelihoods, mangroveNature Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS), Livelihoods partner on a project of Mangrove restoration,  had organized a health camp on 25th of September 2011, at Jyotishpur in Basanti block of Sundarbans. 

The programme took place at Sundarbans Adorsho Bidya Niketan. Dr. S. Banerjee (Eye Specialist), Dr. A. Pattanayak (General Medicine and Public Health) went to Sundarbans for the camp.

sundarbans, livelihoods, mangrove

The programme was started around 7.30 am and ended at  12.45 pm. Around 150 patients, irrespective of age limit, came for the medical checkup. Common symptoms that were diagnosed by the doctors were high fever, pain in different body parts and enteric diseases. Elders were mostly found to be affected with eye cataract.

sundarbans, livelihoods, mangrove

In absence of minimal medical infrastructure in the area this effort helps in building the confidence of the community who are actively taking part in afforestation programme of mangroves and this programme is supported by funding from other corporate sources to support the Danone initiative.

sundarbans, livelihoods, mangrove

Free medicines were provided to the patients according to their requirement. 

A very promising inititiative that will certainly grow

Banita Dasgupta & Ajanta Dey

NEWS, India