Health camp for handicapped people in Sundarbans

NEWS, health camp, livelihoodsThe year just ended was very laborious for many of the organizations we work with, especially for our friend Ajanta Dey and her team NEWS (Sundarbans) that launched at the end of the year the new project they named “health camp”. This is to provide the people of the Sundarbans with adequate and free medical assistance with the help of another local agency. They propose here a report of the second and third edition of this wonderful program.

NEWS, health camp, livelihoods

On 22th of November, 2011 a camp for the handicapped people was organized by Nopany Institute of Healthcare Studies in collaboration with Nature Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS) at Jotishpur in Basanti Block in Sundarbans.

The programme took place in a primary school in Jotishpur Village in Sundarbans. The programme was started around 10.30 am and ended at 3.30 pm. Around 60 patients, irrespective of age limit, came for the treatment.

NEWS, health camp, livelihoods

It was attended by three specialized doctors from Nopany Institute of Healthcare Studies, Dr.Tirthadeep Das, PT (specialized in physiotherapy); Dr.Anwesh Pradhan (specialized in Neurology) and Dr.Tanusree Basak (specialized in Musculoskeletal Disorder & Sports Physiotherapy) for scanning the patients and providing them with necessary aids by that organization.

NEWS, health camp, livelihoods

Patients seeking for proper treatment were mainly observed to be under the categories of Polio and Cerebral Pulsing, who were not in the recovery state (as per the doctors). Hence, next month another camp is going to be organized for handing over the required aid to the respective patients and providing the adequate training for as much recovery possible.

Ajanta Dey & Barnita Dasgupta