Galaxy S8 Release Date – Flagship from Samsung to Launch in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 was all set to release the phone in the April 2017 but the Samsung has the great news for all his fnas because this flagship will be releasing earlier. So, it will get the official launch earlier this year. There was news by the rumor that they have been said the phone will be releasing in April but the fans may get to see the phone in the second month of 2017.

Galaxy S8 Releasing on 27th February, 2017

Actual report from the company insider is spreading that the samsung galaxy s8 release date will take place earlier in next month. The Korean website also says that there will be possibility of the S8 phones will be release in the same date or it can be postponed to.  So, Samsung is going to break their traditional release date of their new smartphone and going to launch the phone in a new way in upcoming 2017.

So, they are going to miss the date of the usual release and even the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona which was held this year on 27th February.

There is even unclear news about the Samsung phone which released the small batch of devices. Even it needs to stop that and even leaked pictures too which completely spoils the excitement of official updates. Now the Samsung is going to produce the huge units of devices and they can reach the five million units in March.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Features:

The Korean Herald says that the phone is creating an new design for its upcoming series. Then the Galaxy S8 is going to be launch in two variants of size. The one comes with the 5.1 inch dual-curved display and the other with 5.5 inches. So, this will be as same as in Galaxy S7. You might checked the Galaxy S7 range and here there is no separate curved Edge model too. These have the curved display which is the major difference. Apart from that the new screen will be added to Galaxy S8 where all the physical buttons will be removed from the screen.

As we mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch has to be taken place in MWC in Barcelona in 2017. The rumors said that the phone launch even will be held on February 26.  Now the decision has been changed and there will be slight delay in the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8. The reasons of the delay are not cleared yet and the latest news is that the Phone launch event will be held on United States in April and the Korean HQ wants to make it as a huge hit. It may be because of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and sue to this they may worried about it and want to make a comeback through this series by making a huge event about Galaxy S8. It will be a perfect release for the Galaxy S8 which is the perfect and most expected phone of the year. It will be treat for the fans.

So, there will be on-screen virtual buttons used in the phone which helps to navigate the phone.  So, there was a guess that it will remove the capacitive buttons and will also reduce the bezels at the bottom of the device. So, this make Samsung Galaxy S8 to have the high resolution display by removing the various objects. Actually it has been did to the both the sides of curved S7 Edge screen.