Improved stoves against desert encroachment !

livelihoods, Niger, deforestationBernard Giraud and I were recently in Nigeria, for the evaluation of a project of improved stoves which could save hectares of forest every day. Indeed, behind Honduras and in front of Philippines and Benin, Nigeria is the second country most affected by deforestation in the world. A sobering figure: Africa is losing more than 4 million hectares of forest each year, according to the UN.

During our recent visit to Nigeria, in the northern, Kano, we found major effects of deforestation on the advance of desertification. The wood is cut into mass sold in markets and used by urban and rural populations, such as firewood for cooking.

Nigeria, livelihoods, deforestation

Unfortunately, existing stoves are made of three stones and energy efficiency is very low resulting in the very strong demand for wood.

deforestation, nigeria, livelihoods

The introduction of improved stoves will not only significantly reduce the consumption of wood, also the cost for people, the pressure on the forest up to 50%, and reduce the impact on the health of women who breathe the smoke all day long from fireplaces.

livelihoods, nigeria, reforestation

We met with organizations mobilized around this issue. Is to design and disseminate improved stoves, that uses less wood,  among the population of Kano and Kaduna … Who knows, maybe we have here is a future project for Livelihoods?

Deforestation in figures

1 -Honduras -37%
2 -Nigeria -36%
3 -Philippines -32%
4 -Benin -31%
5 -Ghana: -28%
6 -Indonésia -26%
7 -Nepal and North Korea -25%
9 -Ecuador -22%
10 -Haiti: -22%

Jean-Pierre Rennaud

Deputy president  of Livelihoods Venture