From the fields…(Sundarbans)

Sunderban, livelihoodsWe offer a small ‘world tour’ around Livelihoods’ partners projects. We begin with our friends from NEWS (Nature Environment & Wildlife Society) who are in the process of replanting of mangrove trees. They also develop the amazing initiative of manufacturing jute bags (jute bags instead of plastic bags in the protection of young plants)…

Nature Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) had a target of 2500 hector (2012) of site for plantation which has been identified. Permission from gram panchayat for plantation is in process.
Sundarbans community people are included for making jute bags. Around 3.5 lakhs (350 000) of jute bags are completed, more 7.5  lakhs (750 000) are under process.

livelihoods, sunderban

sunderban, news, jute bag, livelihoods

Jute bags preparation

livelihoods, sunderban

Char indentified

Still about NEWS…

Mr. Mathias Seebaur from Germany (Unique Forest), Mr. Thomas Roulleau from France (ERNST & Young) and Kuntal Panchal (CEED- Mumbai) visited Kolkata on 2nd August 2011 for the validation of the Project Afforestation/Reforestation of Mangrove with low income community groups in Sundarbans funded by DANONE and implemented by NEWS.

The group visited Amlamethi East and West and Bally char to check the project boundary during the high tide and low tide. They met Panchayet Prodhan, Panchayet member, Karmadhaksha Land and Forest Protection Committee, EDC member to clarify the use of land, community involvement, carbon credit transfer, project boundary and plantation process.

Some pictures…

Photo Gallery

Ajanta Dey & Barnita Dasgupta

NEWS, India

Stay tuned for the next step !