From the fields…(Araku)

livelihoods, araku, naandiThe Danone/Naandi now Livelihoods/Naandi social enterprise initiative aims to build sustainable livelihoods in the tribal communities of Araku nestled in the northwest region of the state of Andhra Pradesh adjacent to Orissa.

Here in this resource rich eastern mountain range of peninsular India we are in partnership with the Adivasi community to create their own portfolio of fruit and forest trees that will sustain a healthy carbon rich ecosystem and new found prosperity.

Mango grafting at Araku Year 2 Nursery.jpg

Mango grafting at Araku Year 2 Nursery

As part of this initiative, 1,272 farmers from 36 villages were engaged in this project in 2010. A total of 216,213 trees of various species (such as Mango, Neem, Bamboo, Teak, Guava, Custard Apple, Orange, Lemon, Papaya, Sapota etc.) were planted in about 720 Ha. This year an additional of 4,257 farmers from 100 villages are participating in this program.

The goal for this year is to plant a total of 767,440 tress in 2,000 Ha. As of August 15th 2011, 244,632 of the total number of trees have been planted and the remaining plantation for this year is planned to be completed by September 30th. The substantial amount of rainfall being received by Araku Valley this year is an added benefit to the project.

livelihoods, araku, naandi

Farmer Meeting in Pedabaylu

More of good news…

All files related to the project have been uploaded to the Indian Government CDM website. We await a call to present our project to the CDM committee for host country approval.

The DOE (Designated Operating Entity) reviewed the Araku project in the first week of August and we await their report.

livelihoods, araku, naandi

DOE Discussions with Hukumpet Farmers

Shivani Bongu & David Hogg

Naandi Foundation (India)