Paris, February 14, 2012 – The French Mailing company, La Poste Group has decided to join the Fund Livelihoods in a move that confirms the Group’s choice for carbon neutrality.

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The French Mailing company, La Poste, is clearly committed to neutralizing the environmental damages associated with its mailing and packaging businesses’ through a double approach to reducing its carbon emissions. Reduction efforts are expected to cover the entire supply chain, including processing, transportation and distribution. In addition to reducing targets, La Poste has decided to offset its emissions by supporting high quality programs.

Livelihoods is a unique investment fund whose objective is to give intensive societal carbon credits back to investors and partners. The fund seeks to strike the best balance between the financial value of these credits and the value created for local communities. 

Livelihoods has so far invested in several large scale projects in Africa and Asia. A prominent example is the restoration of 10,000 hectares of mangroves in Senegal by 450 villages reconstituting their food ecosystem (fish breeding and crop protection). This project will store 900,000 tons of carbon. 

Piloted by Danone since 2008, Livelihoods supports projects that link carbon sequestration, restore biodiversity and fight poverty. This platform allows common investment business partners to pool their resources and skills together, to support their shared vision for social responsibility.

Schneider Electric, Credit Agricole, CDC Climat and Danone have already joined Livelihoods. The decision of La Poste Group confirms this dynamic.