The disappearing of the founder of the Naandi Foundation, Dr. K. Anji Reddy

Dr. K. Anji Reddy Naandi.jpgThe Naandi Foundation is one of Livelihoods closest partners: we are implementing the wonderful Araku project in Andhra Pradesh (India) together and have developed deeply shared visions. A few days ago, the Naandi Foundation lost its creator, Dr. K. Anji Reddy.

Both founder and president of the Naandi Foundation and Reddy Laboratories, Dr Reddy was an incredible man, an outstanding captain of industry who turned Reddy Laboratories into a leader in the generic medication sector in India. Through to the Naandi Foundation, which he created in 1998, he deeply renewed the very vision and practices of social action, by dedicating the search of efficiency to increasing positive social impacts. Thanks to the Naandi Foundation, millions of school boys and girls eat a warm and sustaining meal every day, hundreds of villages have access to drinking water, and thousands of young girls go to school.

And all the way up the hills of Araku, millions of fruit trees were planted by the Adivasi tribes, the “first inhabitants”.

Let us dedicate the first mangos of Araku to the memory of Dr. Reddy, who adored the earth and the cycle of days. May his memory live on and inspire us for long.

Bernard Giraud, Livelihoods