The Livelihoods 360 technology wins an Award in India!

Naandi.PNGHow Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) can accelerate development and management of projects in rural areas? An example: Livelihoods 360 a technology invented and established by Naandi Foundation team, Indian NGO, leader of the Livelihoods agroforestry project.

Livelihoods 360 is an ambitious project conceived by Naandi to develop a framework for managing the information ecosystem for Naandi’s Livelihoods initiative has been conferred with the Vodafone Mobiles for Good Award in an event held at Delhi on 21st July 2012. The award which was a part of the Mobile & Telecom International Congress 2012 comes with a grant of One Million Rupees.

This award is a recognition of Naandi’s innovative approaches to leverage the use of commonly available and affordable technologies to solve for complex program management challenges in rural and tribal regions of India.


With this simple solution, and with a mobile, a peasant can now have the exact price, buy and fully control products, without the need to travel; as accurate data management, monitoring of its digits can be automated through this revolutionary application.

This innovation is welcome in this rural context where Naandi projects are deployed, including the project with Livelihoods – 6000 ha of fruits trees, coffee, etc – This project knows the increasing involvement of local people. But also thousands of small producers formed in cooperatives and in need of more ways of rigorous management in a rural context.  

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The award and application won by Naandi are also a hope and pride for the Livelihoods Network which Naandi is part. A possibility to integrate a simple effective and useful tool to other network projects for a better efficiency.