Livelihoods events in India in October 2012: A milestone for the Network

The Livelihoods Network: a strong ambition

Livelihoods Network camp, livelihoods, naandiLivelihoods Network is a platform for sharing expertise and innovation between NGOs, companies, international institutions, etc. They work together to develop impactful solutions with rural communities. Livelihoods Network is a non-profit association focusing on capacity building and knowledge between practitioners.

Created only a year ago, Livelihoods Network is developing rapidly with the active participation of field project leaders and experts from Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe. Capitalizing on the exchange of good practices, the Network aims to improving the effectiveness and the viability of large scale impactful projects.

The Livelihoods Network Camp 2012

A year ago, the Network was launched at the 1st Livelihoods Network Camp. This year, the Livelihoods Network Camp will hold on the 8-10th October 2012 in India. It will be a unique opportunity to meet outstanding personalities, share experiences and design new solutions together.

3 days of co-creation in Araku Valley : an innovative working approach !

Organised with the Naandi Foundation, The Livelihoods Network Camp will be a key milestone for all our future activities. It will connect people and ideas to address today’s developmental challenges. This event will be an opportunity for participants to share experiences and invent new solutions to build a better future!


The Camp will adopt an original and field-oriented approach: participant will be part of interactive fields visits, study practical challenges and construct inventive solutions on 6 core themes.

Convivial evening sessions will also give the participants the opportunity to share and explore new horizons with inspiring leaders.

In the beautiful Araku Valley, 300 villages of Adivasis small farmers develop with Naandi an integrated Livelihoods approach with very significant results:

  •  plantation of 6 million fruit and coffee trees
  •  6000 hectares and 15 000 farmers
  •  federated cooperative of 11500 coffee producers,
  •  organic certification and marketing through Araku brand,
  •  education and health programs… But challenges remain in Araku.

Through interactive sessions based on Araku’s case, participant to the camp will share experience and exchange ideas to build operational solutions. Each workshop will combine field interactions and brainstorming sessions.

1. Monitoring a Carbone Project How to involve communities in carbon project monitoring?

2. Access to market How to identify the best value chains and markets for local production and resources? What levers to up-scale marketing projects?

3. Access to household energy what are the energy solutions for rural communities? How to implement local business models to scale up communities projects?

4. Improve farmers capacities What are the methods for capacity building and empowerment of small farmers on a large scale?

5. Finance rural communities How to address the financial bottle neck for small farmers and cooperatives?

Participants will also have a unique experience through their participation to the Araku Forest festival, the Adivasi farmer’s celebration of over 2 million trees planted.

livelihoods network camp, livelihoods


A Livelihoods Day at the Conference of the Convention on Biodiversity (COP 11): A first!

This year, the 11th Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 11), which will bring together experts on biodiversity from all over the world, will take place in Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh in India.

On this occasion, Livelihoods co-organize with IUCN, Ramsar Convention, World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) and FFEM (French Fund for Global Environment) the Livelihoods Day. It will take place right after the Camp on the 12th October 2012, so the participants will have the possibility to extend their stay and come.